CUVU Anti-Pollution PRO Mask (Grey) + 22 replaceable PM0.3 Filters

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Our PRO Masks come in a variety of fashionable designs, but are much more than a flashy accessory on the face. The CUVU PRO Mask combines style with leading filtration technology developed by the world's leading safety filter manufacturer. CUVU has the exclusive rights to the filter material for use in consumer anti-pollution masks.


PRO Masks are ergonomically designed to maximize comfort while creating an effective seal against your face.


Features of the PRO Mask include:


  • Stronger build compared to our previous generation masks 
  • Reinforced Neoprene foam fabric enables a better seal along edges of mask with the face, as well as providing more comfort
  • Soft and strong elastic straps provided in two styles: as ear loops, as well as head straps. The head straps are useful in relieving pressure off the ears, as well as creating a snug fit to minimize air leaks around the mask.
  • Ear-saver hook provided to use with ear loops as a third option
  • Customizable brushed aluminum strip to shape mask along nose and top of cheek bones
  • Larger 2-way ventilation ports for increased ease of air flow and filteration of both incoming and outgoing air
  • High-efficiency PM0.3 filtration with electrostatic filters that capture/stop air particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • Copper-infused air ports for added anti-microbial properties
  • Includes 22 replaceable filters and spare filter retainer


  • One size fits most average (medium to large) Adult faces
    • See sizing picture below
  • Quality made in Ontario, Canada; Filters made in USA
  • Ships to both Canada and USA within 24 hours with UPS


Thank you for supporting our Canadian business and we hope you enjoy our new products as much as we do. As always, we welcome all feedback from our CUVU mask community, so let us know what you think.