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PRO Mask User Guide

Dear Customer, we are delighted that you have purchased our Canadian-made mask. Protecting yourself from dangerous air particles that surround us every day is a great step.

We stand 100% behind our products and are here to support you. If you ever have any questions, comments or issues, we would love to hear from you:

Please read this guide completely and keep for future reference.

Usage Precautions

  • Do not use if you have a cardiopulmonary disease
  • Do not use if you have any allergies against synthetic materials such as plastics
  • Discontinue use if having difficulty breathing during use, especially during hot and humid conditions
  • Do not use in a medical setting where medical protective equipment is warranted
  • Do not use on persons who are unable to remove the mask independently
  • Do not use in an industrial setting or with chemical fumes
  • Do not leave mask in a hot area (such as a car) or under the sun for an extended period of time
  • When wearing, air leakage around the mask should be minimized by adjusting the tightness of the mask and/or the nose strip - the mask should cover the middle of the nose to the bottom of the chin
  • Wash and dry after each extended use

Before Use

  • Completely read this guide
  • Ensure filters are properly secured in the mask
  • The copper-coloured filter retainers on the inside of the mask should be securely in place and pushed all the way in
  • The four corners of the filter fabric should be equally visible around the edges of the filter holder
  • The filter cover on the outside of the mask should be securely in place and not loose
  • Adjust the nose strip and ear-loops (or head strap) per instructions
  • The mask may appear slightly misshapen/folded due to storage/shipping. The mask will adjust to your face over time, but can also be reshaped using a hairdryer (on a warm setting) to gently soften into shape.

Proper Use and Care

Fit Adjustment

There are 3 ways of wearing your mask.

With either method, the mask should be worn snug against the face, covering from the middle of the nose bridge to the bottom of the chin.

The ear-loop option provides the simplest and most comfortable fit, while the head strap option provides the most effective seal around the mask to prevent air leaks.

Ear-loop attachment: adjust the length of straps by pulling on the small adjustable buckles. Place around ears and adjust further as needed to obtain a comfortable yet snug fit.

Ear-saver attachment: Attach the ear-saver stretch tie to one of the ear-loop straps (either by making a loop knot without removing the ear-loop strap, or by removing one ear-loop and inserting the ear-saver tie through it). When ready to wear, simply extend ear-loops behind the head and clip the ear-saver hook onto the free end of the opposite ear-loop. The position should be adjusted so the ear-loop straps are in their usual position above & below ears, but are held in place behind the head, ideally at the same height as the ears.

Head strap attachment: remove the ear-loop straps from the mask. Attach head straps such that the longer strap is attached to the top holes on the mask, while the shorter strap is attached to the bottom holes. Attach each end of the strap by pushing through the appropriate hole from the outside of the mask and attaching a buckle on the inside of the mask. Use a blunt pointy object such as a flat-head screwdriver or tweezers to push straps through the mask holes.

Adjust the length of straps so that they hold the mask firmly against the face, with the lower strap below ears and longer strap above ears held near the top of the head.

Nose Strip Adjustment

The nose strip must be shaped for comfort and seal around the top of the mask:

  • Place the mask on the face and shape the aluminum strip against the contours of your face to create a seal Nose strip shaping around nose
  • When needed, the strip can be replaced with the provided spare. Gently separate the old strip from the mask & remove. Remove adhesive backing from the new strip, place under the plastic nose bridge, centre & push down to attach onto mask.
  • The strip can be placed either on the outside or inside of the mask.

Filter Change

Depending on environmental and usage factors, in most cases each filter should be replaced after about 15 hours of total use, or about 2 weeks if used an hour per day. The electrostatic properties of the filter will degrade over time, especially if exposed to water or excessive amounts of particles.

  • Take out the existing filter fabrics by removing the filter retainers from the inside of the mask. Use one hand to hold down the flexible ventilation port from the inside, while with the other hand gently pulling up on the edges of the round copper-coloured filter retainer inside the mask
  • Place a new filter fabric centered directly over the round ventilation port opening on the inside of the mask and secure in place with the filter retainer
  • With the outside of the mask against a hard flat surface, push the filter retainer in completely to secure the filter in place while pushing against the hard flat surface
  • Do not use the outer filter covers to push against the retainer as it will break the delicate copper lattice work on the filter cover
  • Filter fabric corners that are protruding may be cut off with scissors if desired
  • Ensure that both the outer filter covers and filter retainers are securely in place and not loose before use

Note: Do not remove the outer filter covers during filter change unless necessary for cleaning. To remove the outer filter covers, first remove the filter retainers from inside the mask. To replace the outer filter covers, with the filter retainers removed, fit the filter covers on the outside rims of the ventilation port and gently press on the edges of the filter cover to snap in place flush against the mask body. Then assemble filters as indicated above.

Mask Cleaning

  • Excess moisture buildup on the inside of the mask can be wiped dry with a napkin or tissue in between prolonged usage
  • Washing with water and soap or dish detergent:
  • Remove the filters from the mask before exposing to water
  • Gently wash the mask surface with soapy water and allow to air dry or use a towel
  • It's ok if the filters get wet, but we recommend that they be removed and allowed to air dry before/after use
  • Sanitizing with rubbing alcohol or disinfecting wipes:
  • Use disinfecting wipes or a cotton pad with ethyl (rubbing) alcohol to gently clean the surface of the mask
  • You do not need to disassemble the filters if using alcohol

CAUTION: Do not use any harsh chemicals or equipment to wash/sanitize your mask - do not use a dryer, washing machine, dishwasher or microwave. Do not iron or dry-clean.

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We hope you enjoy your CUVU mask and that it brings you continued health.

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