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CUVU Mask design proven through MIT Research

Months after the design and release of the initial CUVU Masks, researchers at MIT and Brigham and Women’s Hospital have designed and validated a similar face mask that they believe could stop viral particles as effectively as N95 masks. Unlike disposable N95 masks, the new masks were designed to be easily cleaned/sterilized and used many times.

Similar to the reusable CUVU Masks, the MIT-proposed face mask has the following key features:

  • Reusable with replaceable N95 filter media
  • PM0.3 ultra-fine particle filteration
  • Easy to clean/sanitize
  • Flexible form fit to various face shapes/sizes
  • 2 large circular air ports
  • Filteration of both inhaled and exhaled air

The full details of the study are published and available through the British Medical Journal.

CUVU anti-pollution masks are similar in features, structure and capability to the masks studied by MIT researchers. The 3M filtering material and technology used in making CUVU anti-pollution masks make them ideal for filtering not only common air pollutants, but also ultra-fine particulate matter PM0.3, including particles as small as bacteria and some viruses. Unlike other anti-pollution masks that are valved to quickly exhale air, CUVU masks have extra-large dual-way ventilation ports. This allows for easier breathing, but also ensures that both inhaled and exhaled air is properly filtered, protecting both the user and the public.