• CUVU Anti-Pollution Masks - Serious Protection, in Style

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CUVU Anti-Pollution Masks - Serious Protection, in Style

Filter out the Uninvited: Minimize Inhaling Smoke, Dust, Pollen and Microbes

Canadian Made and Proud

An Innovative and Effective way of filtering the air we breathe

The CUVU anti-pollution mask is designed for maximum protection, comfort & ease of use

Used by those with environmental allergies, sensitivities and immune deficiencies, or anyone else who wants to lower exposure to common pollutants, allergens and potential pathogens

Easy to Use

Efficient Filtration


The most comfortable face mask and the most easy to breathe through.

I recommend this mask to anyone who likes to breathe!

Michael - Toronto

Thank you very much for your excellent service and more.

My husband has asked that I buy one for him as well.

Louise - Ottawa

This is how masks should be done.

Amazon Customer

The standard 'face covering' is fine, but if you are regularly in a non-medical high risk area.....get CUVU to fight COVID

Kent - Mooretown

Easier to breathe through than cloth masks, and my glasses don't fog up!

Amazon customer - Vancouver