Why CUVU Masks?

Advanced PM0.3 Filteration

Easy to Replace Filters

Reusable & Washable

Easy to Wear & Better Fit

Easier to Breathe Through

Made in Canada

Use Anywhere

An Innovative and Effective way of filtering the air we breathe

The CUVU anti-pollution mask is designed for maximum protection, comfort & ease of use

Used by those with environmental allergies, sensitivities and immune deficiencies, or anyone else who wants to lower exposure to common pollutants, allergens and potential pathogens

Best Everyday Mask

Easy to breathe through, low air resistance

Flexible material, comfortable to the skin

Ergonomic fit to most faces large or small

Lips-free: no mouth contact

Secure adjustable head strap removes tension from ears and provide a firm grip

Easy to remove without touching mask

95% Efficiency Filteration

Ultimate personal non-medical protection

High-efficiency mask using 3M Filters, filtering down to 0.3 microns (PM0.3), including bacteria and some viruses

Large 2-way ventilation ports filter both inhaled and exhaled air

Great seal compared to conventional surgical or cloth masks

Innovative use of materials known in research to kill viruses and bacteria

Reusable & Durable

Modular reusable design - replace the filters not the entire mask, unlike other pollution masks

Easy to clean/sanitize and quick drying

Easily replaceable filter media

Affordable filters

CUVU PRO Mask Collection

PRO Mask
All Black
PRO Mask
Deep Grey
PRO Mask
Classic Black
PRO Mask
Classic Grey
PRO Mask
Floral White
PRO Mask
Floral Black


What customers say

This is how masks should be done! - Amazon customer, Alberta

The most comfortable face mask and the most easy to breathe through - Michael, Ontario

Easier to breathe through than cloth masks, and my glasses don't fog up! - Amazon customer, BC

The standard 'face covering' is fine, but if you are regularly in a non-medical high risk area.....get CUVU to fight COVID - Kent, Ontario

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